Competition Details


  • Secondary 1-6 students in teams of 3 to 8 members.


  • 2022-2023 Competition is now open for registration.
  • Teams must choose from the four designated social problems: population ageing, difficulties experienced by people with disabilities, challenges faced by children and challenges of sustainable development.
  • Take part in training workshops provided by YIAA
  • Submit a proposal introducing an innovative solution to one of the listed problems. The proposal should consist of an introduction of not more than 500 words, a video clip (no more than 3mins.) and 1 to 5 photos/images. (Video and images are optional)


  • A total of 65 awards will be presented to outstanding teams including 5 Winning Teams, 5 Silver Awards, 15 Bronze Awards and a certificate of Excellence for 40 teams for commendable performance.
  • Winning Teams can apply for Social Coin to execute their Social Innovative Projects. A maximum of HK$50,000 will be subsidised upon successful pitching.
  • All participating students will be awarded a certificate:
    Winning TeamsWinning Teams
    Winning TeamsSilver Awards
    Winning TeamsBronze Awards
    Winning TeamsFinalist
    Winning TeamsCertificate of Excellence


Stage 1

Empathy & Innovation

2022.10 - 2023.03

Empathy and Innovation

  • Online registration
  • Select a social problem
  • Team training
  • Submit proposal
Stage 2



Selection of 10 Outstanding Proposals

  • Voting and judging
  • Selection of finalists
Stage 3

Make an ImpACT


Make an ImpACT

  • Idea testing
Stage 4

Idea Presentation


"Innovate Today and Change Tomorrow" - Idea Presentation and Final Award Ceremony

  • Idea presentation
  • Final judging
  • Award ceremony