Social Innovation Projects

A group of proactive social innovators turn thoughts into action, take on social problems and bring positive changes to society. They will share with us their passion, ideation and actions.

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Design for Change HK

香港發起人兼執行董事 | 葉文謙先生 (Jeffrey)
Design For Change Hong Kong


Alpha Commons

Founder | Marina & Sam

Alpha Commons is a project-based learning community designed to empower creativity and nurture empathy in primary schoolchildren. Through the lens of social and environmental issues, the project engages students in authentic hands-on learning experiences to raise their awareness of the community and develop tangible solutions that address real-world challenges. By joining Alpha Commons, children are connected with social innovators in the city, giving them inspiration and encouragement to become active participants in social change. The programs cover diverse issues such as aging population, food wastage, energy poverty, and social inclusion.


Founder | Maggie Ma

DOMAT is a not-for-profit architecture practice... We work with communities and people who do not normally have access to architects. We believe that everybody is entitled to a good living environment, and that good design should be available at all levels of society. Through the processes of research, design and implementation, we engage with local people in order to understand the communities involved. DOMAT is based in Hong Kong, providing architectural services to villages and cities throughout China.

What is Social Innovation?

Social innovation has enjoyed growing recognition all over the world. But many of us are unsure of how it happens or why we need it. Here's a quick overview of social innovation, as developed by Social Innovation Generation. For years SiG has been exploring the various qualities and elements that support successful social innovation. After watching our overview, explore our latest resource, the SiG Knowledge Hub at

InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Chief Campaigner and Executive Director | Judy Kong
Sports Programme Coordinator | Oscar Ng

InspiringHK Sports Foundation instil sportsmanship and charity in and promote equality for underprivileged teenagers, so as to increase their social mobility.

Music Children Foundation

Executive Director | Ms Annike Pong

Formed by a group of professional musicians graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and others overseas Music Academies, Music Children Foundation strives for providing free training on music instruments to those children aged below 12 and who do not get the chance to learn music due to their impoverishment. The programmes provide courses on Music Theory and Music Instruments so as to allow these children not only to try play with music instruments but also discover the potential talented children to further train them to perform skillfully in an ensemble group. In addition to music training, some of these beneficiaries under the programmes will be invited to participate in an ensemble group or choir, rehearsing and performing publicly. Besides, they will also be invited to attend concerts, workshops and parent-child integration music camp, together with their parents or/and grandparents.

Small World

Founder | Germaine Yu

At Small World, We believe learning can happen anywhere, anytime.


Founder and CEO | Arnold Chan
2015-16 Teaching Fellow and Program Manager | Theron Mok

Teach4HK is a nonprofit organization to enlist outstanding university graduates with diversified talents to serve in schools with underprivileged students through a one-year full time teaching fellowship. We partner with businesses and institutions to provide leadership and career opportunities to nurture our fellows to become leaders with empathy, who will thrive in various fields and continue to advocate for education post fellowship.




有線新聞《小事大意義》長者體驗衣活動 青年義工身歷耆境 促進跨代溝通


Elderly and pet-friendly design concept

5% Design Action hopes to plan the future lives of the elderly through "atypical" care companions.

Elderly and pet friendly community parks: Include basic climbing boards, tunnels, high and low bridges in existing community parks so the elderly can have more enriching and fun activities in nearby parks with their pets, while also promoting social relationships. On the other hand, 5% Design Action hopes that in the process of interacting with pets, caregivers (such as family or pet therapists) can have more support tools to provide the elderly with better companionship and care. Combining pet therapy elements and recreational living, caregivers can bring the elderly more laughter, stimulate them to exercise, and initiate more interpersonal conversations through interactions with pets, and drive the elderly to have a more positive attitude towards life and health.

Play Makes Us Human: Innovative Approaches to Early Childhood Care and Education Case Study

Teachers at the kindergarten embrace the type of child-centred, play-based and collaborative approach that is proven to be effective in early childhood care and education (ECCE).

As such, this is one the innovative approaches to ECCE that UNESCO Bangkok has selected to highlight as part of the ongoing “Documentation of Innovative Pedagogical Approaches and Tools in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).”

More on the initiative here:

Personal Innovation Act "Analog Innovation"

Present Perfect

Present Perfect explores the very real experience of aging in America- both growing up, and growing old. Help us bring this incredible story to life. Go to to support this film!

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Europe Tomorrow

Europe Tomorrow is a social innovation program in three years developed to highlight and scale-up the social & environmental innovations in Europe. Malo Richard, Florian Guillaume et Boris Marcel meet the actors from all over Europe to understand more about their solutions for the challenges that our society are facing today. Follow them on

Europe tomorrow social innovation in Portugal

Europe tomorrow UK