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Gold Award

Gold Award

Population Ageing



In this project, participants understand more about difficulties faced by elderly through experience - redesign - apply. After a simulation experience, participants will come up with creative solutions and make recommendations to various stakeholders to improve the lives of elderly people.

Population Ageing



Existing outdoor exercise equipment are not easily accessible to elderly persons with mobility difficulties. This project combines design elements of rehabilitation exercise equipment into the home setting, so that elderly people can train and strengthen their bodies at home.

Difficulties exprience by people with disabilities



The white canes that visually-impaired persons (VIPs) use only detect obstacles that are below one’s waist, and the upper- body and head are not protected. The project designs special glasses that use infrared radiation to help the visually- impaired detect obstacles that are above their waists. There is also an accompanying mobile app that records potential blackspots in the city making it safer and more convenient for VIPs to go out on their own.

Difficulties exprience by people with disabilities



Most online shopping websites are limited to graphics and the visually impaired encounter difficulties browsing these websites on their smartphones. The project designs a mobile application that assists the visually impaired to shop online. Once an item is chosen, there will be a QR code containing matching suggestions for that particular piece of clothing. The goal is to enable persons with visual impairment to enjoy the convenience and fun of shopping online.

Population Ageing



Existing vibrating alarms for persons with hearing loss are expensive. There are also certain design flaws. Common ones include a weak vibration when the battery power is too low or when there are insufficient vibrating units. This project designs a new vibrating alarm system that can be put inside the pillow. The alarm is connected to a mobile app that users can control via Bluetooth.