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Silver Award

Challenges faced by disadvantaged children



Many Primary 5 and 6 students are worried about secondary school admissions. The project will create an enhanced board game based on some existing games and enable primary school students to make contact and connections with their preferred secondary schools and its current students.

Challenges faced by disadvantaged children

SLP 重要嗎?

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Student Learning Profile is a crucial document as part of the assessment for university admissions. In order to increase their chances being admitted, some students push themselves to participate in various extra-curricular activities and student societies, while already being overloaded with academic work. This project will be a comprehensive study on the different emphasis placed on SLP by different fields of study so students will not blindly sign up for extra-curricular activities to increase the chances of admission.

Challenges faced by disadvantaged children



This project aims to help young people who find themselves cheated and manipulated in relationships. Their stories will be collected through social media and turned into a play script. The play will be performed in theatres and also shown online to raise awareness of self-protection in relationships.

Challenges faced by disadvantaged children



Many young people find themselves alone in the battle against internet bullying. This project aims to record the feelings and experiences of youth who have undergone bullying and turn these sharing into exhibitions and online programs to sensitize the public about the situation, and invite the audience to help come up with solutions.

Population Ageing



Many elderly people with handicraft skills find themselves idle after retirement. This project invites elderly persons who are skilled in sewing to collaborate with youth. They will upcycle unwanted clothing to make costumes for abandoned dogs and in turn, encourage more people to adopt the dogs.