Love Life!

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  • Chan Ka Yuen (羅定邦中學)
  • Chan Ho Tin (羅定邦中學)
  • Jasmine Chan (羅定邦中學)
  • Mak Wing Yan (羅定邦中學)
  • Chan Wai Lam (羅定邦中學)
  • Kwok Yick Fai Edmond (羅定邦中學)
  • Cheung Kiu Sui (羅定邦中學)

This app is aimed towards Hong Kong teenagers with disabilities, this app has targeted two aspects for them to make life easier, which is social and career pathways. For social development, this app provides a medium for teenagers to interact with one another, which acts as a platform for individuals to make friends, find partners or socialize with others in the community. For their career pathways, this app provides a medium for organisations and companies to interact with these teenagers, the organisation will provide vocational training session and the companies will provide job opportunities. We will be the one to link the jobs corresponding to their training courses. Upon successful completion of the training programme, the companies will provide a short-term internship for the teenagers to work in their office. This would allow greater mutual understanding by both sides: the company on the teenagers with physical challenges and vice versa. 

Simply said, this is app to provide a harmonious community for the current teenagers with disabilities and guide them to be a dedicated member in our society.


The difficulties confronting by people with physical challenges will be in various aspects, but mainly in communication, which in turns affect career and social development.  

Take hearing impairment as an example, it takes longer time for them to give responses to others, meanwhile, others may due to misconception, impose direct and indirect discrimination towards them. For example, they may already seem unfit for any job openings, regardless of their other talents and potentials. As a result, companies are reluctant to hire them and eliminate them as a potential candidate. On the other hand, normal people also struggle to be friends with them as they do not know how to communicate with them and find the physical actions and movement due to their physical challenges “weird” or even “funny”, depriving the social needs of the people with physical challenges. Teenagers at this period would demand more reaffirmation and confidence in their ability. Yet with the bias in the society that hinder their social and career development, it may greatly affect their self-esteem and aspirations for the future.


This proposal is to seek for achieving a higher level of convenience for the teenagers with physical challenges in terms of their Job and career pathways. In July 2017, an employment network for the disabled conducted a survey and found that 48% of such individuals in Hong Kong were jobless. When comparing that data to the official unemployment rate of disabled personnel released by the government, it’s significantly higher. Although the government’s report came from 2013, the 6% unemployment rate of disabled individuals is in contrast with the survey.

We figured that these individuals have a trouble finding a job to support themselves. Creating a platform for employers and employees to connect with go a long way. We will try to negotiate for short-term internships from small and medium-sized enterprises for our service target. These internships will help clarify the misconception of these employees on the physically challenged ones. It also helps them to see the strengths and positive impacts of these members would bring. In the long-run, it is hoped that this platform can gain the credentials from society and further provide freelance job or even long-term jobs for people with physical challenges in a sustainable way.

Besides, positive interpersonal relationships are also catalysts to build up self-esteem of these teenagers. The physically challenged teenagers often face great difficulties in making friends as they also lack confidence in themselves. Using apps to make friends would help them to open up and reach out to greater circles of friends despite of geographical difference and inconvenience.


  • An app designed for teenagers with physical challenges

  • Assisting teenagers with physical challenges to deal with their social needs (Communication, making friends etc.)

  • Possible to help them to find a job or a partner


The team needs to have a clear mindset and strong empathy about what difficulties are encountered by the physically challenged. They should also have the sensitivity to understand what employers might be interested in the potential candidates and help to match the right people with their potential employers.


The resources and support for people with physical challenges is not enough nowadays. The government didn't provide them enough support on their social needs, such as the chances to make new friends, therefore they lack social lives. Nowadays they can only rely on activities provided by the community centres and non-governmental organizations to meet and make new friends, for example the Hong Kong Society of Deaf will hold events every once awhile for deaf to social with others, therefore our team decided to help them in the social aspect.</p>

Next, for the job opportunity, there are a large number of companies which hire people with disabilities, they often provide proper training for the employees, but the disabled people don't know how to contact them, therefore they need a platform for them to contact them and find the suitable jobs for them. for example we have&nbsp;Social Enterprise Business Centre website, this website does help with disabled people to find jobs by finding what companies is hiring people with physical challenges. But again this organization does not serve specifically for people with physical challenges, more adaptation and vocational training services could be provided to this particular group of target.</p>