Social Coin

Through the support of various enterprises and philanthropists, 'YIAA 2.0 - Social Coin' provides opportunities for youth under 18 years old to develop social innovation projects. Any finalist team of the 'YIAA - Youth ImpACT Award' and the members of the 'YIAA 2.0 - Social Innovation Club' can submit applications to further develop their preliminary tested projects and put them into practice for the betterment of society.


  1. The finalist team of the "YIAA - Youth ImpACT Award" or members ofthe "YIAA 2.0 - Social Innovation Club".
  2. The proposed project for funding has been tested during the competition or club activities.


Once the application is successful, there is a chance to redeem the recorded hours for a startup fund of up to $50,000.

Co-Initiator and Growth Partner

Supporting Organizations