Social Innovation Club

The Social Innovation Club (SI Club) is one of the new elements of the YIAA 2.0 program. Through the SI Club, the spirit of "YIAA" is further rooted in schools and communities, encouraging young people to establish their own action base, organize committees, explore the community in-depth, experience the situations of different communities, and design services to help improve social issues.

For more information, please contact YIAA team at 2823 8685 or email

The members of the club will enter the community for exploration, participate in various experiential activities and volunteer services, analyze the issues of concern from multiple perspectives, and enroll in diverse social innovation courses to enhance their knowledge of project design. They will also learn to write a feasible, convincing, and socially beneficial project proposal, thereby cultivating young people's human-centered design thinking and social entrepreneurship spirit.

To establish a club or for inquiries, please contact YIAA team at 2823 8685 or email


Polulation Ageing

Difficulties experienced by people with disabilities

Challenges faced by children

Challenges of Substainable Development

Establishing the club

Gather four students and form a committee

Choose a club hub, either at school or a community center/social service organization.

Obtain the approval of the school/community center and invite a teacher/social worker to serve as the club's advisor

Supported by YIAA

  • Providing guidance and direction
  • articipating directly in SI Club activities
  • Conducting regular meetings with club members to assist them in analyzing various social issues
  • Collaborating with teachers or social workers in helping students plan and prepare for club activities
  • Encouraging students to organize creative activities within the school and community, promoting the concept of "Common Good"

SI Club Handbook


Promotion Poster


Co-Initiator and Growth Partner

Supporting Organizations